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Friday, July 30, 20109:41 PM

i was thinking about deleting my blog cause i hv no more time to blog.. and im too lazy to do it.
BUT! i will blog just 1more time.. just for EVITA NUH'S GIVEAWAY! hooraaaa!!!!

wait.. you guy know evita nuh ryt??
she is the genius, creative, stylish mind behind jellyjellybeans.blogspot.com !
if you DON'T KNOW HER.. where have you been all this time??? living under a rug maybe??
(you dont fit under the rock..)

ok.. anyway...

ok.. so.. aview days ago evita made a post about this giveaway.. 3Teen Vouge Handbook, and i would DIE to win one!! the rules are...

1.Tell my which my post that you love the most ( of course other than my giveaway post... hehehe) and tell me why.

2. Tell the world about this giveaway in many many ways, please blogged about this giveaway in your blog, and make sure add the link on your comment so I can read it. And if you tweet, you can tweet about this giveaway too, put this mark #evitanuhgiveaway so it would be easier for me to check, ( and if you do, don't forget to mention it on your comment)

3. And like always, you don't have to follow me or anything. It would be awesome if you do.But I don't want you to follow me just because you have to, follow me only if you want to.

awesome ryt?? i hope i won!! *fingercrossed

so common girls/boys.. type as fast as you can!!!


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it has been AGESSSSSSSS!
Thursday, February 25, 201011:30 PM
huahauhauahu finally i update this blog!
man! it really has been ages you know. i think i havent posted anything since july or somethin, i dnt knw. hahah.
it was exciting at first (updating blog, i mean) but i got bored. hahaha. nobody has ever update their blog too. so it got boring. hehe. pluss i was busy then.
and im busy today too. hahah.
i've been practicing this routine for my final exam for dance class.. and i think its plain WEIRD! i cant move right! im too.. how shud i say it.. too.. graceful. im not arrogant or something, but im doing a hip hop dance. but i think im too graceful. and its all because of my dance teacher! she has been teaching us traditional dance and we have tobe graceful for that. errrr.
and next week.. i have to take the second test! i have to perform 2.5 minute. last week it was 1.5 minute. *sigh
and tumoro ill be practicing in ica's. yey! finally SOMEONE TO TEACH ME MOVES! ive been opening youtube to copy some moves. haahah. and it worked! i have several moves that i picked up from different sites. :3

IM HUNGRY! i didnt ate dinner tonight. huhuhu. i want to be sliiiimmm. huahahahhaha
pluss. i woke up from my nap at 8. then i dont feel hungry at all. but now its like 11.40 pm. and boy am i hungry!!! but theres nothing to eat! i have cereal downstairts but i dont have milk. and this cereal tastes horrible without milk! too plain. huhuhuhu. WHAT SHOULD I DO!
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thank God im still a kid.
Sunday, July 19, 20092:11 PM
so i was watching The City in mtv ryt. it seems so hard to
work in the real wold 'ya knw. like its so hectic. hahah.
they hv to wear high heels all the time and hv to walk around in those. hahaha.

yestrday i was some kind of usher gtu di pernikahan tmn greja.. i wore a
victorian gown with the hats and coat.. hahah. i i hv to wear this huge high heels. my feet were crying! hahah. i cant believe that they wear high heels every single day, day and night. they must hv had strong gladiator feet. hahaha.

well thank goodness dat im still in the 9th grade. even that i knw 9th grade gonna be hard because all the UN UAS. but im sure its gonna be ok. its like wen i first started in the 8th grade. i thought i was gonna be stressful and hard blabla. well it truned tobe so much fun. hahah.

dude! i miss 8B. totaly!
i read cia's blog tadi. hahah. she was talking bout hw much she misses 8b. all the togetherness and such. hahah. i miss talking to you too during class cia! hahaha.

sigh. so tomoro is a holiday day! so i dont hv to go to scull. im so happy!! i dont knw why im so happy. but i think its good fr me so i can forget about all the exams dat we hv to go trough. butbut on tuesday im gonna hv listening test with ms.Dina, but so what ryt? im sure its gonna be easy. well atleast not dat hard so i cn get a good grade. hahah.

im still watching the city nih! cause of the "the city marathon" gtu. hahah. i like dat movie. all of the outits are vry classy and dressy and expensive i think. hahaha. yaa org kaya susah lah yaa.. i hope i can buy dat kind of stuff when im 24. hahaha.
but im still 14. so i hv to keep my kid-image. hahaha.
i dont wanna look like a grown up yet. even though i like to look people wearing those clothes but i think we hv to wear something according to our age. if not, mybe wen we're 16 we look like a 25 year old woman. dat wont be pretty ryt. too old. malu!
like wen im a penyambut at my church friend's wedding. i wore make up by yucca salon gtu. argh! i hate it! i look so grown up! almost every single pic dat i took i look like tante menor taw ga siih! and then wen everybody started to go home one of the guests called me "ci ci, tadi saya blablabla" she called me cici even though shes way older than me! dat just makes me sad ya knw. who would wanna be called a tante" wen they're 14. dude! hahah. but my mom said it was only a polite way of calling people. well wateva lah. doesnt really matter as long as wen im not waring make up i look cute and my age. HAHAHAH.
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i miss the old days..
Friday, July 17, 20099:30 PM

gtaw knapa .. gw tiba" keinget pas dlu sd.
pas kls 4 5an gtu.
i miss those moments man.
why cant we all be frens for ever gtu loh? pasti kan we move on.. tdinya deket ama sapa.. trus taon dpn ama sapa.. ryt?
why cant we be frens dari dlu gtu.. trus ampe uda pada nikah.. hahaha. KAN KEREN!!

pgen dhe klo punya tmn kyk gtu. walaw cm 1 mis.. gapapa. asik taw.
taw seluk beluknya trus tmnan dr smp ampe uda pda punya anak. wakakakkak.

*ya ampun mel.. 17 aja blom! uda mkirin ampe tua gituu.. masi bau kncur taw ga! hahahahha.

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Tuesday, July 07, 200911:02 PM

award from ciaa

here's the rule :once you've been tagged you must tag or give it to 3 blog you LOVE or more! ♥hmm. to owena. lala. gio.

trus ada award dr amel.
Arti award:
Tutorit Friendship merupakan award yang diberikan untuk blog/web yang kamu anggap paling meng-inspirasi dan sangat bersahabat.

adu suru kasi org" lg. hahah. kasi are wena cia aja dhe. hahah.
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the world revolves.
10:28 PM
gw gtaw knapa gw tulis jdulnya bgtu.
hahaha. pgen aja gtu.
artinya dunia itu berputar. ga pernah brentii. and always changin.
huhu. sedi dhe. uda maw skola lagi.. my summer!! my wonderfull summer is almost over! NOOOOOOOO. *dramatic much --" * hahah.
ntr jumt gw uda masuk ni. hmm. enak jga sii ktmu tmn" heheh. tapi pgen masi lburan.
gw blom bungkusin oleh" nii. WADUH! masi 3 hr sii. gampang lah.. hahaha.

TAU GA TAU GA. td kn di fb gw liatin poto org".. liatin baju" org.. jdi pgennn. hahahaha.
org" baju"ny dewasa bgd ya.. klo bwad mreka mah.. mgkn cocok" aja ya. gw pgen gtu.. tapi blm ckup umur rasanya! bru jga 15 massa pake blazer blabla. tua ga sih? ya ga? hahah.
owel.. slagi muda pake lah baju yg muda! WKWKKWK. sok wise gtu gw. hahahahah.

skg d mtv lagu gje gtu. kyk dugem gtu musikny. aneh. the chemical brothers *wat? sangat tidak bagus. hahahah.

wktu itu gw blg gw maw upload poto" d spore. haha.
di labtop cm 3 biji gw copy nya. hahah.
nih nih..

uda ahh. 2 aja. mls. kelamaan. hahahaha.

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nongkrong for bath time.
Thursday, July 02, 20099:27 AM
sekarang gw lg di singpore.
tinggal bbrapa hr lg pulang.
gila sih ya! disini tuh yaaaa PANASSSS BANGET!
gabeda jau si ama indo tapi bedanyaaa dsni ga pake mobil cuy! so we hv to walk every where. naek mrt pun tak mempan. abs naek.. jalan lgi. ayooo ( nada org chinese ) .

hmm. kmrn" saiia uda pegi kemana". salah satunya k sentosa.
ntr gw maw uplod" poto ahh. hahaha.
tapii dii post berikutnya. huahua.
gw jga uda k tmpt" laen. hmm. beda yaaa.
trakir kali gw pegi pas kenaekan kls 5 k 6. itu pun sampe sore" dan CUMA nongkrong di kamar ampe jm 12. lalu ke airpot lgi. jdi itu tuh cm bwad transit.
gw k spore ( yg jln") itu kls brapa y??? wah uda lama bgd!
takasimaya nya masi gdung lama. skg orchad uda baru smua. bgg gw.
mall nya bnyk bgd. tapi dalemnya jrang yg bs dibeli huhuhuuh mhal! tsk tsk.

huehh. hr ni gw maw ngapaen tidak tahu.
skg aja gw lagi nungguin org mandi. abs itu gw mandi.
dsni gw bgn jm 10 trus (klo indo 9 brarti) lumyan donk ya klo gt. di indo gw bgn jm 10 11an. hahahah.

aduadu. di greja ada rapat lgi dan ntr sdaya blm plg. huhuhu. pdhal rapat trakir. oh nooo. owell tinggal nanya tmn si. heheh.

so some people minta ole". gda yg bs dijadiin ole". gda yg bagus dan ga bosenin. apa maw gw kasi gantungan kunci?? gw aja uda punya 2 dikasi org laen.lama" koleksii ntr. hahahah.

gw uda ga ol for hw long ya? only 4 days. hahahah. TAPI ITU RASANYA LAMA SEKALI. gila uda addic gw ama ol. wkwkkwk.
untg dsni uda dipasang modem jdi bs ol yey. hahahah.

well. gotogo. wo yao eat my breakfast. hahaha. dadadaaaa
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